Why do you need a custom made bed skirt?

Why do you need a custom made bed skirt?
March 31, 2018 Lovely Day
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Every bed has a different height.. If you purchase a regular bed skirt from a local store, chances are the bed skirt will be either too long or too short for your bed. If you wear size 5 blouse, would you purchase a size 0 or size 10 blouse? The answer will be no. So why would you purchase a bed skirt that doesn’t properly fit your bed? Therefore, ordering a custom made bed skirt from Lovely-Décor.com will provide you a beautiful bed skirt that has just the right size you need.

Please view this image and measure your bed before ordering because every manufacturer makes the bed a little different size.

There are at least 2 different queen sizes (57” x 75” or 60”W x 80”) and 3 different king sizes in north America (72”W x 84”L, 76”W x 80”L, and 78”W x 80”L). If you don’t see your size listed, please contact us so we can add the size to the listing. Skirt drop is the distance for the top of the box spring to the floor.

When deciding the bed skirt drop, please consider the following factors:

Floating bed skirt drop: the bed skirt doesn’t touch the floor. It has a tailored look.

Breaking bed skirt drop: the bed skirt just touches the floor. It has a relaxed look.

Pooling bed skirt drop: the bed skirt is much longer. (4-8 inches of extra fabric) It has a romantic look but it is easier to get you tripped.

If you want to purchase a custom made bedskirt you can visit this page:

Custom Made Bedskirts




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