Luxury and elegance bed skirt

Luxury and elegance bed skirt
February 6, 2018 Lovely Day
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Experience the best in affordable luxury with this premium embroidery lace bedskirt. These beautiful bedskirts and matching products will turn your bedroom into a princess suite! This bed skirt is exactly what you are hoping for- elegant and whimsical. If you like the feminine Shabby elegance look, you will love it. Not only is it beautiful, it also increases your storage space by hiding all the stuff underneath the bed.

The available colors are white, ivory, pink, brown.

The white bed skirt has white cotton lining and ivory lace overlay.

The ivory bed skirt has ivory cotton lining and ivory lace overlay.

The pink bed skirt has ivory cotton lining and ivory lace overlay.

The brown bed skirt has ivory cotton lining and ivory lace overlay.

The difference between the ivory and white versions is that the lace for the all ivory version blends in with the ivory background and the ivory lace stands out better with the white cotton liner.

There are two versions of these beautiful bed skirt. One is the original bedskirt that you need to lift your heavy mattress before you can insert it underneath your mattress. However, we received many inquiries from our customers whether we can make the wrap around bed skirt that enable them to put on the bedskirt without lifting the mattress. Therefore,  we created the new bed skirt that has a heavy duty elastic band which allows users to easily attach it to your bed without anyone else’s help. The new wrap-around bed skirt uses double amount of the lace compared to the original bed skirt so the skirt looks very full. If you want a real luxury full ruffle bed skirt, you won’t be disappointed.

Original classic bed skirt and the wrap around bed skirt comparison:

Curtain panel:


Pillow sham:

Duvet Cover:

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  1. Jolan Kamp 5 years ago

    This takes me back to my childhood, we also contended with heavy cotton chenille coverlets, try doing these with 4 Poster beds.

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